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Medical-Grade Facial Hydrodermabrasion

Fast Facts Hydrodermabrasion

Imagine the results of a microdermabrasion, chemical peel and deep-cleansing facial combined all into one! – Hydrodermabrasion

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Without a doubt, Hydrodermabrasion has gained immense popularity, thanks to its simplicity and amazing results. From your next-door neighbor to the biggest names in showbusiness, it is a treatment for nearly everyone. Here are some Hydrodermabrasion quick facts:

  • Comprises of 5-steps – cleansing, light exfoliation, gentle acid peel, painless extractions/hydration, and infusion with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to help preserve the beautiful results
  • Uses tips to exfoliate the skin several times with each pass for superior results and even texture
  • Has a unique spiral “vortex” effect that removes impurities while hydrating skin at the cellular level with potent antioxidants
  • For the best outcome, aim for a series of 3-6 treatments spaced every 2-4 weeks apart
  • Target free radicals – stressors from pollution, toxins, and sun damage – that are the root of skin damage and aging

Hydrodermabrasion, furthermore, can be used in combination with BBL HERO, MOXI, HALO, ClearSilk and ClearV to help achieve the desired results. In other words, using other light and/or laser techniques together can give faster and better results in a shorter period of time.

The Five Steps Hydrodermabrasion

At its core Hydrodermabrasion treatment consists of five steps with three optional enhancements.

  • 1 – Cleanse: A nutrient-rich solution hydrates and softens the skin and deeper pores in preparation for removal of impurities.
  • 2 – Exfoliation: The tip and light lactic acid solution help lift away the more superficial layer of dead skin cells.
  • 3 – Peel: A mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids removes the deeper layer of the skin to unclog and free pores from dirt, debris and oil congests.
  • 4 – Extraction/Hydration: A unique combination of vortex (which is a powerful circulation of liquid) and vacuum suction technique extracts unwanted oil and dirt from inside the pores. Concurrently, nourishing moisturizers hydrate the skin leaving a fresh and glowing feeling.
  • 5 – Fusion: An infusion of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid boosts the nutritional factors in the skin and adds a layer of protection to the skin.

Personalize Your Treatment Hydrodermabrasion

Optional Boosts

  •  The careful selection of serums can address very personal skin concerns and conditions. Thus, the exact serum chosen for you will be based on the doctor’s advice and your input, for your concern is our priority.
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Light Therapy

  • Red light therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping cells reproduce faster. Therefore, the result is the general reduction and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles along with firmer, plumper skin texture. Red light therapy can reduce:
    • Inflammation
    • Skin discoloration
    • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Sun and age spots

  • Blue light therapy penetrates the pores and eliminates bacteria. While some bacteria are helpful, others promote oil production and other blemish-causing conditions. Blue light activates chemicals inside these bacteria, which ruptures their outer walls, destroying the cell and their ability to form acne and other imperfections.
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Promoting Lymphatic Drainage

  • The lymphatic system, a complex network of vessels and lymph nodes, essentially functions as the body’s inner drainage system. This network carries fluid from tissue around the body into blood vessels and vice versa.
  • Healthy flowing lymphatic channels can:
    • Removes toxic buildup for healthier looking skin
    • Helps detoxify the skin
    • Decreases inflammation
    • Removes unwanted buildup
    • Optimizes skin health

Not only is the facial painless, but it is also undeniably luxurious! The gentle, calming procedure typically has patients drifting into a nice sleep. Being much less harsh than most other skincare treatments, the facial has no risk of producing discomfort, swelling or irritation.

The facial system works by removing surface damage caused by dead skin cells and environmental impurities with gentle but impressively powerful tips. With a multifaceted peeling surface, these powerful tools incorporate a spiral design to make the dislodging and removal of toxins easier. While targeting and eliminating nasty environmental impurities and aging free radicals, the facial system simultaneously infuses the skin with concentrated natural antioxidants for a deeply healing and restoring effect.

Immediately after the first facial session, you will see richly pampered, purified skin that represents wellness radiating from the inside out. With multiple treatments that follow your unique personalized beauty plan, you can achieve beautiful results for a revitalized complexion. The glowing results can be tweaked with targeted boosters and continued with maintenance sessions that protect the skin from further outside damage.

Patients can return to their regular work or social activities immediately after treatment. No downtime or recovery period is required after the facial. However, please avoid prolonged periods of direct sun exposure for 48-72 hours after the procedure as the new skin is very sensitive to burning.

Who Can Benefit Hydrodermabrasion

If you seek to address the following concerns below, you may be a good candidate for Hydrodermabrasion treatment:

  • Remove fine lines and wrinkles from your face
  • Improve the firmness and elasticity of your facial skin
  • Achieve an even skin tone and improve the glow and vibrancy of your skin
  • Enhance your skin texture
  • Reduce brown spots on your skin
  • Have oily and congested skin making it difficult to feel fresh and rejuvenated
  • Have enlarged pore causing your face to become oily more easily

Schedule a Consultation

If you want to achieve fresh, smooth, and plump skin in just 30-60 minutes and see visible results immediately, then Hydrodermabrasion is the right treatment option for you. Aspire Skin Health provides facial that will leave you with youthful skin in just a few steps. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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