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Dermatopathology Services

Dermatopathology - Melanoma

Dermatopathology Board-Certified

Dermatology-pathology, a subspecialty of dermatology and pathology, involves the microscopic examination of tissue (from the skin, nails and hair) to make diagnoses. In many instances, clinical correlation and interpretation of ancillary tests are used to arrive at the final diagnoses.

Hematopathology Board-Certified

Hematology-Pathology encompasses the realm of diseases and disorders affecting hematopoietic (blood) cells and organs associated with hematopoiesis. An understanding of leukemias and lymphomas is essential since hematopoietic conditions can originate or spread to the skin.

Molecular Genetic Pathology Board-Certified

Dermatopathology - Molecular Genetic Pathology_m_291026593

Molecular genetic pathology draws on the principles, theory, and technologies of molecular biology and molecular genetics. This subspecialty makes or confirms diagnoses of genetic disorders, human development, infectious diseases, and malignancies and also assesses the natural history of those disorders. Many human diseases and thus skin conditions have molecular genetic basis.

The explanations written for the above subspecialties may be difficult to comprehend. However, the take-home message is simple. As a physician with board-certifications in the above three areas, Dr. Nguyen has a very broad, yet deep understanding of conditions affecting the skin, nails and hair.